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Monday, March 25, 2019

Not to give a F**k

Been reading a book, No F**K given. Simply because I gave too many recent years.

During the younger years, my teen years, I have been receiving Love in return for most f**ks given. And I enjoyed the friendship, relationships showered.

And trust me, I admit myself getting into depression and been killing myself by throwing myself into unnecessary situation, lowering my pride to some happenings not my will and continue showering love to people I thought they feel the same.

Sharing this here as a piece to remind myself & visitors/followers reading this, never be afraid to admit your own failure in all occurrences in life. It turned out to be normal to be making mistakes, yes, Ego of our own often holding us in life but will that be even doing any good to it?

I learned the hard way & trusting everyone else too. To define Hard is subjective but depressing me been wanted to end it as it is. Stupidity and not sober me. Lucky to have all the support I have from people around that remains true as f**k to me even after the nuisance.

Dwelling and trusting the wrong individuals in life, betrayals, the time zone froze I hope. I am currently trying to move on.

Again, depression is a dangerous word and happening one can ever imagine. Never give up on yourself, this is the most important message I would shout.

Thank you God for hearing my prayers. Sorry I've been lost. I am back to you.


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