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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Generation

This will be a justsaying post of mine.

I am wondering how do the new people, survive each and every day. Not one day without electricity. Why?

Because we need to charge our electrical devices such as handphones, laptops and so on. Why again?

So that we can access to the wonderful world via Internet. Why again you might ask?

Because that is how each and everyone connects..

Slowly we immersed to the wonderful world of the Internet and slowly we are beginning to be much quieter when we face a real life communication.

Nothing much to talk about but we "talks" when we are "logged in".

I am immersed too I should be saying. That is how faraway people became closer and another scenario, the close one are drifting much faraway.

Its a win win situation. We tend to enjoy new things, curious us. We would love to explore different culture.

I am wondering how far can we go. I enjoy being surrounded by new media, but I miss the older generation way of communicating too. Where we can sit down and have a cup of tea, looking at each other, cracking jokes and sharing our bits of life.


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