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Thursday, November 22, 2012

November to December 2012

Been awhile since I abandon this blog (very common said by bloggers that keen to leave their blogs and blog again when they are super free - like me now)

Been with Singapore for almost 2 years, absolutely long enough for me to blog again sia. Its good to be back, anyway because of the great experience I have with my employment in Singapore.

Met with a good senior that taught me almost everything, the good the bad of modelling industry. Cheers for her!

Met with a good working environment with super kind funny colleagues that treated me like a princess. Happy family as everyone is being kind to me.

With ups and downs in working life, I learnt a lot from the Singapore society which I personally will think these won't be the things I will learn if I work in Malaysia. #rushculture

Every minute is $$, every seconds is a point change. Working with tight deadlines, challenging communication circle and sales oriented. Fuhh tired but I like it. Kinda enjoy working under these situation.

If you would to check with me how's work? I would to answer #Busybutenjoyingthestresslor


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