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Sunday, November 25, 2012

First time 第一次

This movie that caught my attention randomly. Surprisingly, it is good. I don't really know the actress until friend telling me, "Oh Angelababy".

Haven't watch love story movie for awhile, not my cup normally. Because I prefers comedy or action movies most of my time. But this movie is worth my time watching. Not because of the actors, but the story, the script is touching and real.

Ordinary love story, with songs that sounds great. Quote that I would love to share

We tend to complain why things aren't the way as we expect, but most of the times, its just as that way cause it is reality. Since we cannot change reality, just look at it from another perspective. We might find something beautiful about it.

We might, as long as we try, we have the chance. 

Cheers from me today, wish everyone a happy day everyday =) 


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