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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine 2012

Pre-valentine of mine was grumpy and down, seeing flowers and gifts on Facebook. Green eye me stopped me from logging to it for the whole 13th. Then 14th came and I guessed I got myself a nice sleep, was super happy dunno-for-what admitting that I am alone this year as the Man is back at Malaysia. Long d really sucks. Well, got myself a nice smile for whole day of 14th at office and then got Hersheys from Bon as Vday gift. 

Then soon after I knock off, went home straight away planning on how to celebrate it my way alone. On the train, sore eyes man, couples cuddling here and there, well its kinda indecent actually. Maybe its because its Vday so everyone got so passionate about it and starts all those touching on the train. I am alright with love gestures, touching of forehead, kissing in the cheek but hey, fondling is way too much. So I got myself calm down with my Ipod and alighted. 

Went home and got myself some fattening snacks and HK dramas. Roomie got me chocos too. It all went well until the Man called, asking if I want any Vday gift. Of course I want, though I know he must be up with something funny. Never thought that....

he sang through the phone. First time listening to him, to sing a complete song to me. Never. So I cried, and to avoid my roomie know about it, I start cracking jokes. Well, it doesn't sound well but hey, a complete song from a man that doesn't sing in K or even in bathroom. Thankew Man, appreciate it. Though bad me didn't prepare anything for you, I mean I did but it went wrong so yeah, Happy Valentine 2012! 

Writing this down because I have been so forgetful recently, I might be forgetting this next year so yeah, please don't shut down for no reason, need you so much!


Winnie Chen said...

haha...this is real got me eyes wet wet when u say u cry....yup, memory worth keeping...

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