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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parents of X gen

Was having dinner and meet up with the gang, in a busy crowded food court. A sudden scream for attention from a decent dresses man " Hello ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please! Do you have any male relatives of the age from 60-70s here with you! I repeat, a senior male aged from 60-70s!"

The crowd were slient, whispers chattering.

"No yah? Because I have an old man who has just collapsed out here!!"

The man then left leaving the crowd proceeding to the other side repeating same question.

Us, whom were very disturbed wondering who have left their own relative here alone.

Soon we finished our dinner and once were stepping out from the place, we were stopped. The old man was there, unconsciously together with paramedics performing the least aid they can onto the old man chest.

We were stunned. Numb our hearts were. Then we stood still as the old man were carried away.

We discussed. We were curious. How can the old man be here all alone!! Is he with someone, like his old wife, or any other relatives??

Sourly, tears of fear and pityness in each of us. The old man was pale, very pale. Wonder if he is still alright?
Dare not we say it out, but thats my thought at that moment.

What is happening to this society? How can such tragic scenario happenning. Why so!

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