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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rules and Regulations

Understood that certain working environment will sure have its own style in keeping the circle. Same goes to mine. Penalty for every 15 minutes lateness, SGD 5, which is RM12 in Malaysia. And for the past month, been reaching late to the office for the punch card, sometimes 1 minute, sometimes 2, sometimes 5. 

Indeed my fault for reaching late, I can't blame it on the company for imposing such rule. So what I can do is, wake up earlier for the bathroom (as I am renting a room with a family at Singapore), try to make it early to the office.

Blaming is useless, while making things right are what we should do. Plus ranting over OT done can't help anything at all. While learn to do things faster and time planning are essential in preventing OTs,

Positive thinking will results in happier life, so why not keep ourselves happy with the alternatives we have? Get to the problem and solve it, lesser rants will keep smiles. 

Guess this is how I begin my day today, Good Morning peeps! ~ cheers and have a nice day!


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