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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 5th of June 2011

A night to remember as I managed to get enlightened. I always think that relationship is just part of our lives, boyfriend is only a matter of you want or you don't. Correct? I wonder.

Surrounded with happy couples, feel and sense how happy they are with their current lives. What about me? Mine, pursuing for his family's career and me, going for my dream. What about our future? What to do when our dreams are too far apart? Will us sustain? 

Concerned friends advised and I have my stand. Understood their intention, worrying over my feelings here. But as long as I am not troubled with any argument with him, I will keep this On. The feeling of missing him, aching and certain times, I really tear out.

Then was introduced to a new friend, sharing her stories to me, and sweet her revealing her love stories to me. I am happy for her, her happy face was infectious. Starting to think, what is the chemistry between two different person that able to attract one another for such a long duration. 

Keeping this in mind, still thinking. One could sacrifice much for the love they have on the other, one could even give up on certain priorities in life for love. What about me? Am I too selfish in this? Should I head back to be with him? Or should I let the time being to be our test period? To test whether we can overcome the time and distance.

Tough, and I am confused as usual~ *miss* 


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