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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diversified environment

Having the chance to be here, as a foreign worker in the city of lion, is a valuable one. Soon I understand the feeling of being a foreigner, the feeling of insecurity and strange. Previously, I was one typical girl, afraid of foreign workers back at Malaysia, fearing they will attack or hurt me anytime. Its strange, but now I understand. 

I understand the threat and the feeling of being misunderstood by others\, to judge the book by its cover. Why so? Human, stereotyping is common. 

Back to the title of this post, my experience in working in a diversified environment is not new. I am comfortable to work with anyone from any Asian countries, but seemingly with those from the Western countries, tough as I can imagine. Unstable personality and rule-less them love to behave in a way where I cannot understand. Why? They are so moody, they can simply scold and a moment later, they can be very sweet to you. 

Anyway, they are just a minority of those surrounding me. 

What about the politics? Media here at the city of lion, monopolized, mainstream as usual. Nothing different, just that, not more on racism, the thing I like it here. What I dislike, the selfishness of majorities that I encountered. People pushing and running down the escalator, without caring the elderly and girls in heels (like me), simply rushing, for what reason, I really have no idea. Then the youngsters sitting on reserved seats on MRT and pretending to be sleeping, ignoring the pregnant ladies and senior citizens. I have no idea what and where those selfish people from , excuse me for putting it on the people originally from the lion city, no idea, I really have no idea where they are from. Just sharing my experiences, no intention of condemning any race, any countries or whatsoever. 

What about the manners? Smile? Rare, but I believe if I carve it on mine first, initially it will infect yours as well. Do not believe me, try carry a big smile out to the city today, see how much smiles you have in return. I wonder, is it the stress they are facing in their lives or plainly, they are shy to smile? Why shy? What if I smile and people do not return it, feeling like an idioto smiling alone there right?

Not only that, kids here, headache for me, I wonder why parents here rarely shout or hit on their kids? As precious as pearls, I can say. Kids as old as 4 years old on a baby trolley, with their long legs slipping out. Wondering, and what's more, kids shouting here and there in supermarket, I know kids wert, common right? But if kids at Malaysia did this, parents at the side would just give a tight slap on the face. Here? They seems like begging the kids to shut up by offering candies and toys. Hmm......wonder....

And what's more, people here rarely switch on the lights, I wonder why? As I know, fluorescent lights would not cost much wert. How come they can eat in the dark, eating fish with bones some more. Then watching television in dark rooms, and having everything in the dark. I would not say this is eco-friendly living style, why, because it only spoil the eyes of your kids. Training them to see and watch in the dark is not a fair thing to begin with. 

Lots more to share, and now its my time to switch off my room's light, before my landlord feeling bad about this. Good night fellas.  


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