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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kuala Sepetang's Restoran Tepi Sungai

Located at Taiping Perak, a small fishermen village. Was my grandfather's hometown, its a place producing fresh seafoods such as clams, prawns, crabs and fishes. 

You can park your vehicles right in front of the shop, and move to the second floor of the shop for food.

These are the views you would have while enjoying your meal here.

 On menu daily would be as below,
big and fresh clams ready to be opened by you.
Best served semi-raw and dipped with special sauce of the restaurant.

Fried golden softshells crabs and you can have it just like finger food 
or with plain white rice.

Another daily available seafood,
fresh and large squids in fried garlic with cooked oil.

Prawns, big one, in super tasty tomyum soup.
While so? 
The only way for ultimate taste of the prawns and also to keep the prawns in an average hotness in the soup.

Then, for big and fresh fishes,
do have one steamed with plain ginger.

That's me! 
Super satisfied and *burping* !

Brothers and me! 

On "sampan" to the little village across before heading home.

There is a stall selling yummilicious peanuts bun at this village too.
Available starting 1pm in the afternoon.

A place worth visit. 


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