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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

De' Garden's Strawberry Moment

Located at De' Garden as well.
Another one at Cameron HIghlands if not mistaken. 

Our first time to sitohbehli dot moment.
Super like it here!
Ambience and deco sungguh cantik desu neh!

This is fresh strawberry juice.
Less sugar tastes even better!

Below is mine!
Milky chocolate with strawberry choco chips!
Calories overload but worth a sip!

Fish and Chips, fresh and a lil small.
Not enough for me I guess.
But its nice!

Tomato pasta, tastes normal and the portion is enough for me.
Generous chicken bites with it! 

Strudel, if not mistaken..
Nice Nice Nice!!!

Worth for a visit with friends and for guys to bring their girls for a date.
Sweet place that might melt her heart. ^^
For me, a visit or two, still alright le..
Not cheap eh..and I am not a strawberry lover pun =D


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