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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

De' Garden's OH SUSHI

Previously, I am not a sushi lover. 
I guess due to peer influence >< , I am one now. 
There is a place at Ipoh, De Garden, with lots of nice cafes and food outlet there. 

Spotted this, besides Sushi King, and Ninja at KL,
this is the third outlet I've been to for sushi.

At Ipoh, there are another two sushi restaurant that I yet to try..
Kizuna and Waraku..
hmm gonna pay a visit someday if finance of mine allows.

So here it is..some pichas of food me and darling tried there.

Salmon Sashimi, our favorite!

Price, RM 28.80 if not mistaken, for 7 thick slices.
Worth for the freshness but you can get it cheaper at Sushi King.
heehee..fair comment la..but this one appear nicer.
Depends on your preferences also geh.
If you like nice food, then here la..
I remembered Ninja's one, also sungguh cantik the presentation of this.


Not sure of its real name, but this is named by me..
it tastes like po piah, with fresh veggies inside.
Not so special to me, but you can try it..
Look for similar picha in their menu and order le..

Tak tau apa nama dah..Paiseh..

Taste, so-so le.

Super Nice on table that night!

This is the nicest sushi we had that night..
Don't get fool by its appearance, it taste super duper nice!
Its on the mill.

Korean alike dish.

Taste like Korean food, abit like Chinese fry also..
Si beh normal only..
The taste is a lil heavy, so we ordered white rice to eat with it.
White Rice

Grilled Scallops

I still prefer the scallop at Sushi King..hehe

Overall rating, and comments..
Sushi there are cheaper and worth for $$ because of its size and taste,
while those on menu, you can try also la..but at your own risk..
Because the price for those dishes are a lil expensive and taste so-so niah.

We tried more that night, but due to the ke-syok-kan eating,
I forgot to snap. 

Meanwhile for services there,
There are lots of handsome waiters inside, 
even the captain/manager also ahem ahem..not bad

For sushi lovers,do pay a visit there yah! 
Not bad one.


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