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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bukit Tinggi of Pahang

 I am freakingly in love with this town.
Bukit Tinggi of Pahang.
Do google about it if you wish to find out more.
And remember to find out the route before heading there.
It is not easy to look out for this town.
From Kampar, we headed up to Genting's Gohtong Jaya, then took a turn at the round about there.

Then, things get tougher starting from there. 
Also if you found Bukit Tinggi's signboard, you might find yourself ended up at a village.
Then you should start seeking help from the BHPetrol station there.
Ask for Colmar, not Bukit Tinggi.
This place was called Colmar...
Or French Village or in chinese *Fatt Kok Chuen*..

Then even though you reach there, you might also getting lost in the hill.
As some might ended up at Japanese Garden and getting nowhere here.
Worry not, do look out for vans there, FOC! 

Or seek guidance from workers there.
Admission fees for Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden and Colmar is RM12.

Then there are the Rabbit Park, RM3 per entrance.

I wonder if we shoot Hunchback of Notredam Malaysia version here. 

Nice and colorful buildings.How I wish to stay here permanently. 

How we reach and step to the beautiful town.

Guess we are posers all this while. Its in the genes.

There we are again. Simply because we are posers.

She is sweet. Yes sweet! 

Spot her dimple. Love it! 

Family outing? Our adopted daughter.

Kenny Rogers alike? The side dishes are great!! Chicky, so-so niah.

Wishing well that donates coins thrown by visitors to the charities.

We are posing. Don't get us wrong. No bus there for us.

Princess lost in town.

Jumpers alert! 

Ikan Masin in town.

Lovely i wish to see them forming the love shape.


Anak angkat for a day.

My prince, MIA. Waited for him so long.

 This is it, the Rabbit Park.
Big and cute rabbits hopping around.
Yet some are lazy, some are hyper active.
But to us, some are pitiful.
They look so sick and tired, wonder how they are taken care of.
Some kids are rough, that treat those rabbits as toys.

Rabbit manja-ing with Ikan.

YinYang Rabito!

 And now, I shall end this post with a kiss. 
Sealing it with one unforgettable kiss. 
Loving it Loving the memories!


simon lau said...

Wish to go there soon

Kenny Tai said...

hey this place it nice! how much u spend on this trip??

FISH said...

hey simon, sure u can! Great place for photography too!!!

kenny, how much ah~urm cannot tell eh~ haha~but u can go there and spend around RM500 de..if you are staying over n spending on massages~

Kenny Tai said...

so secret meh.. haha~ then how u went thr? by bus? drive? take how long to reach thr from kampar/ipoh?

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