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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Approaching the end of my Degree life

I am there and here. Successfully leaving lots of memories in my head for the three years here at Kampar. I am happy to say that, I have learnt lots too. Sadly to say, my final trimester here is my saddest one. For no reason, the university had us a subject, that requires lots of teamwork. Of course, I am glad that people are working well with me, apparently. Some are true to me, some are just disappointing to me. I have learnt and met, what is the so-called office politics. Through the short moment, I have know lots of new friends, funny and happy people. Yet I have also learnt to let go of certain people, that used to be in my lists of friends. Not by rumors or stories telling, is what I feel and see with my own eyes. I admit that no one is perfect, as I am one terrible person too. But I choose to live my life happily, hence I shall let go. Sorry to say, through all the happy moments, I had the terrible one to remember. I might be emotional, but this is the only way for me to release my feelings. Sorry if I offended any of you, sorry if I hurt you with my words or action. I meant this, the IF is because, I do not who and which part of me offended or annoyed you in a sense. But my tagline as usual, LIFE IS SHORT, I shall forgive and forget right? Bear with me, I am trying. Though it is not a happy one, I am glad that I became more mature. Like people always tell me, as you grow up, you shall notice friends are getting lesser in your list and people are getting meaner. I guess this is the initial phase for me, and it starts right before the end of my student's life. 


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