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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Public Relations and Ethics

A term that I learnt in class, yes in class. Even during training, I do not get the chance to be in a PR department. Therefore it is kind of surprising with the reality somehow, real PR people.

They need to be fast and quick in no matter they plan or do. However, the E word comes into the picture. Ethics. I learnt about Media Ethics, but PR ethics, just few minor chapters.

So what's ethics? In PR definition, it is something most of us memorize by heart, as it is required for us to blurt it out during writing exams.

So what's ethics to me? In my own opinion, ethics means more like being kind. Being fair and nice. You might be disagreed with what I think personally, but isn't being kind important?

That's what define humanity, being kind with empathy. 

reality and humanity? Does this both comes in pair? 

I don't think so. With own experience(s), I can say it is not. Why?

For example, being a publicist, what should you do? Yes, we have comparative advertising, the plan might comes from PR practitioners ( so ignore the advertisers). But ethical as it is, humors were injected. So still public are willing to accept.

But destroys? Rob? Is this vandalism or crime? Sad as truth always is. 

Am not agree with what unethical organization did but this is reality. Though it hurts (physically & mentally), what to do, we are not prepare. As perception were on kind and friendly approach, never thought of such ambush. 

So till PR is a good industry to try on? Think twice, one need to be skillful, in communicating and planning. Which I'm still lacking of this, lack of good judgment and preparation. This I shall learn in order to protect my own organization, but not on behaving unethically to competitors. 

Well, a surface understanding of mine on chapter taught. =)


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