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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Eye Monster

So here we are, on this issue.

Who never been freaking jealous of someone else? I did and I feel certain people around me did too, on me. 

Its not a bad thing either, as what I understand is, when someone started to get bitchy about you, in front of you or behind you, you'll know it.

How bitchy to define jealousy? 

Lets see this..

Nah, that skirt, I saw it @D Curve, kinda cheap looking, suits her, Cheap. 

Oh that fella, I know her, famous for her freaking big boobs. Ughh, how irritating when she wears that super low cut tank. 

So what if her bf droves a City, I'm sure still on years of installments, else his dad bought him that. Ain't he earn it himself. How despicable. 

She changed her hairstyle,  I wonder which stylist so unlucky to get his hands on her awfully smelly long hair. Beh tahan when she keeps playing with her hair, wonder she have dandruffs or kutu kan. 

More and more bitchy words if you want, LOL. 

How cruel can one be with words? You'll never know. 

Why sudden post of this from me? As I sensed and heard such words from people around me, about me and also about others.

Why can't we be nice to others even without they noticing our good remarks? Shouldn't we be happy with others' happiness? Others' strengths or beauty?

Girls are always girls, no matter how angelic you are in front of others, still the mouth, kinda itchy at times, no offense, this applies to me too *sometimes*. 

Well, despite girls, I've encountered bitchy guys too. And you can see how funny it is when they are attacked by this green virus. 

I can have a hot gf too if I want. Let's see how long you can tahan with a hot chick that spend all your money. Let's see. 

So? You have that car. Macamla I won't have it if I got a good job like you. Wait la, you'll see few accidental scratches later. 

I don't have your height. I don't have the 6 packs you have. But I got a good gf, so what? You got yourself a slut. May God bless you. cruel we are. 

But funny to be, most of us seems to be envying what others have and compare what we don't have, then we started to hate our lives. 

And thats when cruel remarks formed, whoops, uttered out. 

But luckily, I've learnt..Do unto others, what you wish others to do unto you.

So I stop comparing, and start admiring. Drastic change, yea. Stop bitching and start appreciating. 

Though there're still unwanted and sore comments passing through my ears, do not worry. 

I won't retweet, I had myself a filter. >.<

A happier life I might have, I'm confident with it. 

Happy Day everyone. 

Settle crapping here. Good night =)


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