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Thursday, November 11, 2010


It is a word used when things doesn't occur in order. 
When blames are close to others and away from ourselves.

While accusing and assuming, what's left for us?
Come on, let's move on and stop dwelling in the past.

Starts revising what we had done and not revising what others did on us. 
No Saint here, everyone are only human.

Mistakes made. Even us that we thought we are always right on track.

Being over confident, being over blame-ful us only lead us to more trips.
Moderate on things. 

If you are so good at judging, why not start judging yourself and revise.
Ain't any good judging people, and when you hate people doing that on you.

Things happen for a reason, try look for the root problem and not mere on the surface.


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