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Friday, October 15, 2010

You Again

Third Attempt in Nuffnang contest. Winning or not, its alright for me, its the fun that matters. 

The lucky 60 Nuffnangers will stand a chance to catch the movie: You Again on the big screen! While 10, Yes Ten best written entries will also win massage vouchers from Urban Retreat worth RM189.00 each. With Courtesy of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Malaysia.

So here it is, the movie You Again. 

Starring by few wonderful women, and my favorite, Jamie Lee Curtis. Wonderful actress with great personality. 

Below is the synopsis. Its like how girls fight and how the history hauled them over again in this movie. 

No matter how old you are, you never get over high school.  Successful PR pro Marni (KRISTEN BELL) heads home for her older brother’s (JIMMY WOLK) wedding and discovers that he’s marrying her high school arch nemesis (ODETTE YUSTMAN), who’s conveniently forgotten all the rotten things she did so many years ago.  Then the bride’s jet-setting aunt (SIGOURNEY WEAVER) bursts in and Marni’s not-so-jet-setting mom (JAMIE LEE CURTIS) comes face to face with her own high school rival.  The claws come out and old wounds are opened in this crazy comedy about what happens when you’re reunited with the one person you’d like to forget. 


Do you have someone in your life whom you didn’t really like when you were much younger?               Yeah of course, few of them.
The classmate who always teased you?                                                                                   Classmate, nope, but there was a guy that had been in the same school bus with me for few horrible years.
The school bus bully who takes your snacks?                                                                                     Yeah, he is the one. Not only my snacks but also my favorite stationaries.
What about the girl/boy who stole your boyfriend/girlfriend?                                                              Not to say boyfriend, was having crush on him. The girl was kind of flirting with him as well, and she was having a boyfriend that time. 

So my story begins with the mean guy (on the same school bus with me) that bullied me for few horrible years. I was not very keen on him even before he started to bully me.
Why so? How he bullied me? What he did that made me so dislike him? 
Girls out there, have you ever stained your school uniform while having your moment of the month?
I believe most of us did. So there I was, on the bus, heading home and was having extremely heavy flow that day, and unfortunately, its stained my turquoise pinafore. 
And I need to change to another bus daily in order to get home, so while changing bus, students would get up and queue while waiting to get off from the bus. 
There it goes, blurred me that just woke up from my nap on the bus, without checking my appearance ( I usually would ask my friend beside me to check whether there's any stains).
And a loud scream from the very behind of the bus, 
" Holy Shit, Look at Pui Yee, she peed in red " 
Whole bus turned silent, and ALL eyes on my butt.
Laughter...from him alone. Yes he alone. 
Others showing awkward expressions, some sympathetic faces on me, some just do not know how to respond. 
Friends of him, asking him to shut up. And cruel him only laughed, non-stop and it was darn loud.
What about me? What do think? 
Eyes flooding with tears, running to the door and jumping off from the bus. I ran home that day, does not hop onto the other bus. Was so humiliated and not dare to see any of my bus-mates. 
The next day? I was absent from school. Been hiding in my room, pretending sick. My close friend called me to check on me, and she told me, the guy, the bully was absent too. 
Soon, first day after the weekend, I went to school like usual, hopped onto the bus. Everything was fine. Then my bus uncle (the driver) told me, that the bully was arrested for fighting in school. Suspended as well. I am not sure how severe the fight was until police was involved. 
Was so angry on him yet feeling pitiful for him that moment. 
He is the one, that I really dislike in my past. The other side of the story, why this 'special' person is so memorable to me?
Guess what, I heard from his younger brother and sister, that happened to be in the same bus with us as well, that their elder brother (the bully), was actually having a crush on me as well. 
OMG! Yes, he was. And they told me, soon after the day he humiliated me on the bus, he locked himself in the room when he reached home. They heard him sobbing inside. 
And the other day, that my friend told me he was absent, actually he went to school by town bus. And somehow someone in school joked about what he did to me on bus. Furious him, hold his fist and punched the guy that joked about me. They told me, their brother was actually getting his way for my attention, but had used the wrong way. 
I was kinda sad when I listened to what both the bully's siblings told. Though sad, I never have chance to contact him either as the family shifted to KL soon after the bully was suspended. 
Sigh. This is it..though this movie is on how one does not wish to get reunite with the person one wish to forget, I would wish it the other way around. I wish to have the chance to see him again. 
Forgive and Forget is always the best way to live happily, aren't it? 

There it is, the bitter memory of mine shared here. Hope this post will get to him by chance also. =)


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