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Sunday, October 10, 2010

~ Mcd Walk-Thru ~

So as most always did,

" Long Q inside there la, why not dapao? "
" Go for drive-thru la " 
" Eh shorter la the Q at drive-thru, jom "

" Wait wait"
" No car la, how? " 

" Aiyah, so bad ah this Mcd, I thought they so concerned on all their customers "

" Yealo Yealo, takkan all Mcd customers also ada car wert "

So what can those customers without car do?? 

Watch this

Imitation begins...

So what's next? 
Ordered and WALKED la..


Pay la for what you've ordered.
( Best Service Ever, a smiling crew - makan pun sedap sikit )

Satisfied US. 
( Not bad wert, they treated all their customers the same )

NO Discrimination 
on Customers without cars! 

* Story and pictures above were taken and narrated for fun *
* You can try it and share me with me though *
* hehe, have a nice day * 


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