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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kampar Dim Sum Restaurant - Gong Hin

Lovely Sunday during the break,
Supper or breakfast? 

U judge it,
Dim Sum Restaurant was the destination.

Gong Hin Dimsum Restaurant,
located at Bandar Baru Kampar.

Rate: **** for the services
Rate: ** for the food (still there're room for improvement)

" Shark Fin" soup,
kononnya, with some "jarum mushrooms" and "tung fun".

cost Rm9.00
and so-so only.

The "Lau Sha" Bun, (nice one)

the "Sha" inside that will drip. 
The "Sha" was made from duck egg's yolk.

Overall, the dimsum ordered..not much compare to usual meal.

Forgot the name, not nice also. 

The prawnS, "Har Mai" & "Har Kaw"
(i like the har mai)
though abit oily.

The awful Fish + Pork wrapped in egg.
(both of us dislike it)

Fried Prawn Roll, "Har Kuen"
(okay okay le)

"Pai Kuat", spicy and oily..
But quite nice compared to the rest.
(nice nice)

Before leaving,

Then headed home for the beauty sleep,
after a full supper. 
or Breakfast la.


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