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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fishicipe 4

It's been awhile Fishicipe was abandoned.
Now, Fisha De Chef shall rise again with unusual food recipe.

Try at your own risk.
Though been safely consumed by a fish,
yet not on a real human.
So, beware.

Story begins on one lovely Sunday morning,
where Mr Giraffe and me was alone in the room.

Hungry me, planned to cook something.
So Mr. GIraffe suggested,

Mamee Monster?!!


Since I'm not really keen on munching on raw food,
so I planned to have it cooked.

As Fisha mama always said, 
" Don't always eat raw and cold food, bad for your health"

Obedient me,just gotta follow her advice.

So while waiting the water to be boiled,
I took out the Mee from the Monster.

As this was suggested by Mr. Giraffe,
I planned to share with him as well.

Sharing is caring people.

So I had two packets of Mee out from the MonsterS.

Wookay, so the water was boiled,
I put in two packets of MSG, that came together with the MonsterS.

Then super hot water was poured in, 
and the Mee was being sauna-fied in the mug for around 3 minutes. 

End result?

Fisha had it and kinda like it.
While Mr. Giraffe said it was too plain,
he suggested fishballs to be added next time.


One last advice,

Please try this at home,
as if there's any mishaps, you can get to the toilet right away.


Tommy Chooi said...

mamee is cooked , it's fried before send to retails :D
but a good lazy meal ya ..

FISH said...

Oh yes gah? aiyah~ then i misund jor lo~ hahaa~ end result, sorethroat now~ hahahaaaaa

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