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Monday, October 11, 2010

~ Fiends & Friends ~

Ever wonder the meaning of Fiend? 

Friends without a R?
Or typo error?
How to define one as a Friend? How to define one as a Fiend? 

Been brought up in a friendly environment, with good people and nice personalities.
Until I stepped out, to the reality.
I've met Friends that turned out to be Fiends. 

How? Never been through this?
Well its hard to explain with words, just by experiences.

Does this happen to my friends as well?
Yea, it happen to all of us.
Does friends treating me as their fiend? 
I think there are such possibilities too, I am mean at times.

Certain times through misunderstanding too.
Lack of understanding that lead us to misunderstanding. 
Lack of understanding keeps us far from meeting the T word, Trust.
Lack of understanding creating more Wonders and Confusion. 

Sigh? Yes, reality is cruel.
Fiend stands for cruel person.

How cruel is cruel? I guess each of us know this by ourselves.
Cruel meant differently to different people.
How can a Friend turned to a cruel person?

Have you ever encounter smiling Friend? At the same time, you found he cheated on you.
Have you ever encounter a pityful Friend? At the same time being pitiful to the others just to gain their trust on a bad you.
Have you ever encounter Oscar Friend? At the same time having split personalities just to keep you and the other person hating you.
Have you ever encounter Memory Loss Friend? At the same time having your secrets shared to strangers and others.

Human are complicated, even us might do something stupid without realizing it.
How can Angels hurting you? 
Why not? 
There's evil angels around us. How?

Mirror yourself, have you ever did something bad to your friends?

If no, hell you are one PURE ANGELIC FRIEND!
Which is impossible. 

If yes, you are being honest with yourself, 
which is great. 

Before this, ME was thinking how bad others are treating me in such way.
How can he so be so cruel to me, bla bla bla.
But then after few stops and pauses, 
I've learnt, I guessed.
There's no angel in human all the time, as one can turn evil anytime.

Beware? No need la, be normal will do.
Afterall, one need to fall in order to learn.
Cruel ME? Its for your own good. 
How come I have such thoughts? I am trying to be honest with myself.
What? I am gonna suffer as I do not trust people??
Who told you I am not trusting?

I am gonna put my trust to those that gained it, and if is turns ugly, 
for sure I will withdraw.
If it does not, I will remain while at the same time trying to gain the T from others too.

Why dwell in the past when you have more time to make New Friends. 
Cheer up when disappointment landed on you today regarding Friends issue.
Tomorrow would be a better day for you to meet another better one.

This is it, simply crapping on Friends & Fiend, no research to prove, no scholars referred.
Simply crapping, I repeat simply crapping. 

* Pictures in this post does not belongs to me *
* It was all Googled *


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