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Thursday, September 16, 2010

~Technological Determinism and Cultural Determinism~

Its the changes in culture that change our technologies or the other way round? Been studying this for the past week. Technological Determinism and Cultural Determinism. 

I agree on the first one, TD by Marshall. As we can see, how human changes are caused by the innovation of technologies. How they behave, how they think, are all learnt, adapted through the message sent by the medium, which is the technology.

Observe our surrounding, human keep changing, attitudes, beliefs, thinking, lifestyles, etc. 

Innovation of technologies attracted mis-use , dangers and bullying. 


Hackers, unethical spying, illegal downloads, space consuming spamming of junkies, Internet-line killing, politics propaganda, etc..u name it.
Spreading of bad deviant culture like Suicidal Group, Mass Bombing, Live Execution of Human, Rapist Society, Vengeful Stalkers, etc..u name it too.

Virtual Defamation, Cyber Reputation Deterioration, etc etc etc.

The opportunities lies on the arising Internet, softwares and gadgets. The usage of it enabling human to do great wholesome of activities, anything the author of it could predicted. 

When consumption is on the right track, for sure it helps in human civilization, but if it went off the track, it only damages the suppose culture where most desired on >> PEACEFUL SOCIETY.

Fisha's understanding on learnt topic. 


suang said...

i will give you full marks for your comm tech...haha...

FISH said...

oo~ thanks~ i hope so~ afterall 4 credit hours is abit worrying~

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