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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Been with this word lately, cases of it flooding Facebook, wishes here and there to the dead one.

A resemblance of pray to the one that left. 

Yet after that, close ones said they losing hope, lost it completely, saddening to see and I do not how to console.

One said, loneliness kills, is when understanding disappearing. 

It is true, when the feelings comes, weak one might turn to end.

How it is to lose hope? People's judgment in lives varies, hence we can't condemn, comment, justify except themselves.

Forget the coward issue here, only hope I'm focusing. 

When one lost it completely, it is truly out of the pieces remaining, what people called it> memory.

Memory of that carved smiles and laughters would disappear together too. 

So, I understand why some choose to end.

They lose it, lost it, and thinking its hard to regain what they once owned.

It is support, it is trust, though these both seems so vain, but losing hope in A might create a new hope in B.

Rest assure if one day you came across this, no matter how down you are, how terrible you feel , how sucks the life is, you gotta move on to seek for the B,C,D,E,F etc etc.

That's what I did. I managed to continue and I shall be prepared to be let down again, but this is life. 

A terrible fall indicate a greater success. A vicious lost brings a noble mean. 

I strive for more falls that brings me closer to winning. 


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