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Thursday, September 23, 2010

~ exam aftermath ~

And the skies that poured together with us today.

Heavily it caused shivering in the hall, with my poor mate all wet and dripping in the cold hall.

Yet the paper was a saddening one.

Its just my expression here, I wonder how fast human brains think?
How fast can their hands write? 
So how long does it takes for us to think critically on each single point of what we studied and writing it onto the sheet?

The combination of two action sounds easy when read in words, 
but it is totally different when comes to executing.
What's more, one external factor, providing the exam paper was of 4 credit hours. 

Addition one extra point, the paper was with one long passage, with short questions and 4 short essays.
And also, the whole paper requiring us to write, think critically, for the total questions that also need us to read the super long passage in 120 minutes time. 

Yes it was 2 hours. 

Examination was meant for? To test how fast our brain think? or to test how fast our hands write?

Or how fast can we read plus understanding and skimming for answers for those short questions?

I not giving excuse here, as I pity the way we were examined for knowledge we learnt for the total of Rm988 excluding examination fees. 

Seriously how can these way of examining knowledge helps us in understanding?

To me, it was only memorizing skills.


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