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Monday, September 27, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Once upon a time, there live a beautiful young girl with two evil step sisters and a stepmother.


From left : Step-sister 1, Evil Stepmother and Step-sister 2

So story begins, where the town was having a grand ball night at the huge castle belongs to Prince Charming.

So single ladies were all so excited as the main purpose of the ball was to select a queen, for the charming one.

The Prince 

As usual, the young girl, named Fisherella was not allowed to attend, as she is only a maid, a rough and unqualified lady to be chosen by anyone at all.

Saddening as usual (again), Fisherella was not expecting any miracles at all. Continuing with her usual chores, wiping, cleaning, washing and sweeping.

Pitiful Fisherella that often cleaned the house using these liquids that are harmful to her skin.

Then, upon wishing, a sudden blast, marked the appearance of a fair and lovely looking fairy godmother.

Whoops.. the healthy glowing of godmother and stunned Fisherella.

The Fairy Godmother

Fairy godmother then asked,
" What's your wish my dear Fisherella, why weeping when you suppose to be sweeping? " 

Tearful Fisherella answered, 
" I just want to have healthy skin, I do not want any Prince Charming or what, I only wish for good skin. The flaky and rough surface of my skin now are making me so sad. " 

The weeping Fisherella

Sympathetic godmother then put down her wand, and took out her purse from her handbag.

She took out some money, and said, 
" Here dear, take this and buy Vaseline body lotion. It has now four variants, 

Total Moisture, 
Healthy White, 
Intensive Rescue, and 
Aloe Cool and Fresh

Buy one and stock up your beauty regimen, do not worry, I shall keep this a secret from your sisters and mother. It helps to give you enough moist, so flaky skin shall all say bye-bye. " 

Wrinkled down, cheerful smiles started to carved on Fisherella sweet face. There she goes, without heading to the castle, she headed to nearest stores and bought few bottles of Vaseline body lotion.

Smiling Fisherella

Moral of this fairy tale:
1) Worry not, though you might not have your Prince Charming yet, healthy skin is always essential, even to fairy tales characters. 

2) Yes, Vaseline body lotion, gives you enough moist, even to skin like poor Fisherella.


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