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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pre Convocation Photo Shooting Session

Public Relations
Tutorial TWO
 Year Three Trimester Two

*click play before you view those below*

Personal Cam whoring session begins outside then

Nerdies and Geeks' Invasion

am gonna miss all these lovely memories with PR 2!
am gonna miss all the moment we spent in class! 
am gonna miss all the laughter we had together!

another trimester is just around the corner,
how i wish the time could pass abit slower...


let's have some flash back here..


somehow it's just kinda missing those times already

T.T x100

but no matter what, IKAN believe,
all of us shall soar
in future!!


Annie said...

so touch... keep it on.. ^^ miss ya..

FISH said...

annie..u can always come back next sem n we shall have more photo shooting!!

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