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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ma trip to Redang Island


A journey to the turtle island..

Redang Island of Malaysia

Below is the resort we stayed at, though it looks simple on the outside..
with the food quality that disappoints us..
we are given a warm and friendly services by the people at the resort.

The smiles they greeted us, the concern they showed upon us,
the caring attitude of them during our snorkeling activities,
made us a promise to return to there in future trip. 

Also there was a huge fire happened on the second day of our trip,
where we saw a lot of them, 
from resorts far far away,
running towards,
bringing all the tools they have,
just to save the resort which was on fire.

It was a terrifying fire as it lasted for more than an hour,
where tourists whom suppose to enjoy for their trip, 
offer their hands
and joined in the rescue.

It was a touching scene actually.
where silly me couldn't hold my tears looking at those noble humans there.
thank God the fire was managed to stopped. 

" behind the shadows, there lies humanity"

indeed a beautiful island
and how i wish i'm a permanent resident there~~ 

a good place to be with friends.

playing volleyball even though we do not know how-to.

having all the enjoyable time together..

where we walk with beautiful dead corals on beaches

and feel the warm & soft sand beneath our feets

silly pose whenever we have the chance

yes..of course with FRIENDS.

we jumped..

and jumped..

..keep jumping..

still jumping...

yea still not satisfied with the picture snapped...

gosh..come on...tired la weh.. mistakes..

at last..
one perfect JUMP!
LOVE this so much!

*a smiling picture with friends..priceless*

then we managed to get dirtied on the beaches..

still all posers caught on act..

and more posers joined in! 

epic jumping again..

epic failed! 

this is what we wanted! 

foreseen sun rise on the island

and thats how we stepped away from the island.

simply one memorable journey to the R-Island.


I shall go there again, to meet my

Mr.Turtle..whom missed the date with me on this trip. 


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