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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fishy Journey 12

 It is August 10 of 2010 and its a day with three celebration.

First, its the first day of Ghost Festival celebrated by Chinese.
Second, its the first day of fasting for Muslims at Malaysia.
Third, its the day I can't celebrate ma man's birthday.

According to him, its the day that his mum suffered and had the most pain so he would not be celebrating it.Hence, *cruel* me does not wish him a single happy birthday all.
Since its not a happy day for you, so why should I wish you *HAPPY* birthday??

Neway, forget about him here.

So I went to school as usual. And this is the sunset I captured at campus. 

NO EDITING this time..its just my lauyah handphone with such effect.

*scary huh*

yeap..ghost festival mah.

and after lecture, me and ma dear *winnie* head for our yummy dinner.

Previously, I'm not a fans of zu zhi at all. Weird me began to crave for it now.

the left: zu zhi wrapped wit cheeze

the right: cuttlefish wrapped wit seaweed

the left: *fav*
cooked salmon wrapped
wit nihon tau fu skin??
(sorry for the weird names,
i just can't rmb the names)

the right: unagi and chicken zu zhi

the left: cuttlefish again?

the right: egg egg wit lots of yolk 
*dislike* too mengenyangkan!!

the left: cheeze tamago + 
unagi *yumyum*

the right: cooked salmon 
in super cincang mode today.

 above ^ cheeze tobiko
*super suka*

below v matcha ice-cream

*super big scoop today*


a super full sakana swam back to her aquarium.

a normal full pooh head back to her cave next door.


DauKoK said...

Fisha once a night i drop again msg to you :)
ur 1st picture nice view and nice capture :P

FISH said...

thank you so much daukok!!!!hehe~ really thank you so so so much!!

ReBeCcAtEoH said...

i love reading ur blog, fish..and i like your 1st pic..=> look nice..

FISH said...

thanks bec!! yeah i like that one too! u got blog ma?? if got, give me ur link..i wanna add to my blog!!

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