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Monday, August 9, 2010

~freedom of speech?~

Its been awhile that people fought for this.As I wonder, where's the freedom we suppose to have.I thought its liberty, a right given to most human ever since they've civilized?? Taboo or sensitive issues are different when applied to different people. Hence do not take it too personally when someone commented on certain issues. 

Limitation to speak, its way too old to be practiced now. 

So still forbidding who and who to speak on what and what?? If this continues, prediction of remaining on the status quo will go on until people belong to this century passed away. 

Unfairness, confusion, dilemmas, and etc...will get to clear? I guess not. Being a direct person would not harm anyone, and mistakes can be corrected at once, don't you think so?

Feelings hurt? Yes, there might be, but at least, assumptions and misunderstanding would been prevented and lessen.

I just hope countries that still living under the no-one-shall-speak-until-you-are-asked-to to grow up, also to people belongs to those countries to grow up!

People's voice determine the future of a country.

Somehow without the citizens, there's no elections, 
without elections, there's no government, 
without government, there's no country.

So people, grow up and speak it directly.
If you can't take in comments, you are limited to lots of alternatives for problems solving.


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