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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

life and separation

i always thought of ways to improve my life, how to make it happier and easier and future and stuff.
but one that im afraid to think over would be separation.

i would always think that, ala, we will meet one day soon even we separate now wad.
only to friends, thats all in my mind.

seldom i think over about my family,
just gotta know a bad news, a friend's close relative had just passed away.
so close, whom was her mum.

a shock to find out the news.
i was thinking about my mum immediately after the news.

then i began to worry.
yeah, she is as well getting older and older as im growing bigger.

i would hell know how would it be to lose such a close relative.
the ache is so visible and real even i just imagine it for a single second.
i dare not to proceed further in the imagination.
it hurts.

why would God take her away even before we could repay her kindness,
we could bring her for a vacation when we afford to,
we could treat her the best after we graduated.

i do not know when would be the time,
but this is too cruel.
i do not understand how life should go anyway.

separating when we are not ready.
separation when its so early.

yeah, advices such as treasure life and stuff.
easy to say, but its real hard to overcome such a loss in a sudden.

extremely down now.
damn it!


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