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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fishy Journey 11

This was my first ever journey on my own.
Decided very last minute and went with not much planning in mind.
Just to get free from everything.

So I went up the hill again, meeting all my lovely kawanS there.
Things did changed, as people change most of the time.

Differences in stuff made the whole trip one fruitful experience in ma life. 
How i can be alone, how i cannot.

I can enjoy my food alone, or with companion.
I can enjoy my shopping alone, or with companion.
I can enjoy my sight-seeing, or with companion.

But one thing, i miss having roomates.
Since last year, i been staying in one single room and sleep alone.
That's the time when i have most of my insomnia in life.

I cannot enjoy my sleep alone.
I love sleeping beside my roomate or my close girlfriends.

Love talking all the way to my dream and waking up next to them early in the morning.

I realized my problem in this one journey..glad. 

then for my lunch that i have on my own.
feeling not hungry but still i gotta eat.
it took me around 2 hours to finish.

which i thought i would have to have it alone, ended up having 4 people taking turns accompanying me.
thanks to Annie, Khalen, Steven and Allson.

my first stop there at BS.
small purchase as BS was having great sale.
simple gift for the three of them, Annie, Khalen and Sun Sun.

the only one i din't get to meet, the Sun. sad.
given to her through Khalen.

not revealing what i bought.

after some shopping, i went for some time alone at the Bean.
large hot one that accompanied me for two hours.

the flipping of the mag,
with my ethnography done,

plus some of ma day dreaming.

then proceeding to Arena for some humor.
the unplanned visit with unplanned free ticket.
special thanks to Khalen.
went with Annie, one who doesn't really understand cantonese and still,
with me to the canto talk show.

yes. before the show starts, we did took few shots.
as usual.

the last picture of the day.
three of us at the mass, Khalen busy on phone, Annie and me busy posing.
Credits to Steven for the picture taking.

and the night ended.
continues with the second day, with not much activity as i fallen sick.
with watery eyes and nose.
spreading virus around.
thanks to Hurix from Steven, it stopped before the third day though.
so i went home the next day.

as simple as it is.
alone yet not really.
enjoy and not tiring.
love going on trip alone.


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