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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fishy Journey 10

the morning of the very night that i couldn't sleep.
the moon was shining upon me the night, and it somehow making me so awake.
so i got up and turned on the pc for some dramas.

then a short nap, before my lovely Suang wake me up for a jog.
so, a brush and splash for a wakey me.

we headed out for a short jog.

the jog was a short one for me, hard to jog for long.
usual me would feel suffocated after 15 minutes, so i would be a brisk walk every time after it.

old and weak me.

then 30 minutes later, we headed home.
i sat on the couch watching Suang doing her stretching and sit-ups.
determine her, would love to learn this from her.

such discipline never appear on me.

just gotta learn. me.

so few minutes later, when my sweats stopped running out..
i blogged this.

and thats it, for my 1st time ever morning jog.
as previously it was during the evening.

now i shall sign off and head for a shower,
then for few hours sleep to compensate yesterday rest.



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