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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


below were those candid taken 
when ME and my groupmates were preparing for the magazine...
M.A.N. magazine

a Morning Afternoon Night magazine
which means it is suitable to be read at any time of the day

and these are some pichas i edited for fun..
hope U enjoy!

there's one section in the mag where we created a mock up movie review...
 and this is how the story goes...

 there is a guy
whom left his village..and his close little girlfriend
that been together since so so so small.

however, he changed.
from one innocent a playboy..
that kept fooling around with women's feeling and money..

when one day..
the three women in his life..turned to know each another..
and their identities revealed 

first they hate each another..and
blaming each another for seducing and snatching their man...

and each trying to hide..
to destroy..

but each can't runaway from the mind game..
as each know
what each another are thinking...

then the plot begins....
when the three women stands together
and unite
for a plan..
a plan to KILL!

the movie..

that's it..part of ma previous assignments.

* end *


Jun said...

Oh my god ! Good job fish! it is always so sweet to look back all those memorable moment... Love that song too ^^ Friendship forever, sweetie....NIce page ^^

FISH said...

thanks ma dear~~ muacks~

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