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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ma trip to MALACCA

traveled 3 hours from Kampar to KL-Bukit Jalil

and from the super-hot-lousy-bus-canopy-terminal-Bukit-Jalil
another 2 hours to Malacca

difficult and long journey..

worth it even if you ask me thousand times.

once we checked in.. 
we headed out and 
had some walk-walk around the historical city.

Day One

i love malacca so much..
love at first sight...

the buildings..
so old..
my type..i like old buildings..
it gives me a close bond some how..

and the food...
this is it...
the one i waited for so long
i craved for so long...


i ate 25 to 27 sticks...(i think...forgotten)
my dear Winnie ate 38 sticks if im not mistaken (but most are prawn one stick)
hehe she hated me saying this..

then soon the celup dinner ended..
we went for some terbang & floating ceremony...

we went to the Gyro Tower..
its a tower that will brings us up to 5 storey high..
and for sight-seeings of malacca town..

not very clear picture taken..
due to limited resources (camera sponsor needed.. ^^)

here's the mathematics for the ride..
Ticket : RM15 for adult, RM10 for child
Duration : 10 minutes
Complimentary : One pack of Mango juice & One muffin

worth or not, up to you...

it has a place designed for us to fit in the muffin and drink given..

Day Two

we woke up and dressed up
for a walk around the city..
can't wait for it
plus all the food waiting for us...

for a brunch..we went to a nyonya restaurant..
quite famous in Malacca..



nice laksa..
but can't be eaten too contains lots of lemak santan.. 
very nyonya taste.. ^^
reminds me of my friend's mummy cooking~~ 
also from Baba family

the gravy is nice..
can be eaten with two bowls of white rice 

this is what I order..
the veggies as u can see, it tastes sour and sweet..
so nice ! and appetizing! 

this is the famous cendol..
so nice..not too sweet when it's eaten once served.
but i guess the weather are too hot..
the ice melts so fast~ its sweet when the ice melted

this rojak was so-so.
nothing much special..but its with tau hu (bean curd)

so eager
for the food

after the brunch
we headed to Jonker Street
for a walk
to digest digest

the buildings..
so old..
and i like it!

and we spotted one art gallery.
we press the bell
we went it
and we snapped around in it
we gave a bow to the lady boss
and we went out from the gallery
without any purchase

so nice of her..
letting us in and out..
hehe~ abit paiseh actually

therefore some publicity for her here lah~ 

there's one fat kitty in the gallery
chubby and so gracious
the kitty keep following us around

then we walked around again..

this was closed..
when we walked past..
the lady locked the door..
wonder how it is inside..
gotta go again for ma next trip

how can i miss camho ma' self leh

nice nice~


peep hole

ma prediction of the purpose for the peep hole ..

easy for neighbours to chit chat ??

walk har walk..
ME suffering from headache..felt like fainting..
and ZING felt stomach uneasy..
so we stopped by a 
tong sui shop

the eight treasure not refreshing..
cured my headache at once..hehe

then we continue..
to the symbolic building of Malacca

its time to eat again~
for our dinner..

we headed to Portugese Village for a weeli nice seafood meal..

after the satisfying dinner..
we walked around there..

available a nice spot for sea view..
so nice to enjoy the breeze..
and sight seeing..

look at the cloud special leh~

fisha lor ^^

again ss~

spotted couple
confessing ..
so suuuuittt! 

we left before the sun falls.
and to the Jonker Street again..
walk walk at the pasar malam.

eat eat again~

cam-ho cam-ho

from the street..
we walked to red buildings..
so nice the night view of it..

so the night ended..there.
we headed back to hotel lor..
leaving reluctant to leave..

Day Three

check out luuuu..

makan before leaving..

the rice balls which look like fishballs..
so-so ler..
prefer Ipoh chicken rice more..
hehe ^^

but this soup i like..
can refill some more.
hehe ^^
drink as much as u like 

so we ended the trip there.
and sat for two hours bus to Bukit Jalil again.
then another three hours to get back to Kampar.

miss Malacca so much! 


~eRiC~ said...

"love at first type.."
now i know what's your type... old old ones...LOL
btw, KNS, pls put some warning first should your entry have any food pics... make my tummy growl now... ~.~

FISH said...

hehe~ yee hou sui ger, siew yan geh~ i mmg like lou yeh one~~ lolxxxx...

hehe~growling wo..reli wo..i can hear u at kampar tim...go makan la..ipoh pun ada manyak good food!

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