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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kampar Western Restaurant- Vegas Kitchen

ma' fav western restaurant at Kampar

Vegas Kitchen

there are very limited drinks though
wit drinks range from alcoholic to caffeine
and gas-drinks

the best at Vegas..
fisha's fav

second fav..
side dish la..not bad..
good as appetizer.

forgot its name
also fisha's fav
the chicken is grilled with special sauce
and the prawns are offered when their hams are out-of-stock
i prefer the prawns better.

and this is the super big hot dog.
forgot its full name..
its so-so lah..
but still ok as the bun is soft and big...
the hot-dog, abit too salty..
i guess its those sold at Tesco.

so far..this is it..
wait for fisha's next visit..
will order different plates and review it.

* end *


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