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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fishy Journey 9.5

there is another story related to this post
my chrome that shut down in a sudden
made all my review on the food and pictures

due to im such a lazy fella
to rewrite everything
and also ma difficulties in recalling what ive wrote
only short captions for this post.

this is a LOR post
read with your own risk! 

Breakfast at Fu Shan  lor..

me and fatty lor

fatty's favorite lor.. 

ma favorite lor..

everyone's favorite lor..

not ma favorite lor..

not nice lor...cold geh when served to me..

then lunch and movie after few hours lor..

watched SHREK 4 lor..

makan at Kahve at JJ Kinta City lor..

the menu very creative lor..

funny titles lor..

cute baby lor..

sau mang kai lor..

movie again after sent the sau mang kai home lor..

movie at GSC Ipoh Parade lor..
not nice lor..
too big and a girl kept coughing behind me lor..
made me so afraid of H1N1 virus lor..

watched PRINCE OF PERSIA lor..
the guy quite handsome lor..
the type i like lor..

then dinner at David's Diner again lor..
fei lou lor..

me lor..

the end lor.


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