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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fishy Journey 9

its 520
and I went out with my besties

to ipoh again~ 
back to ma hometown for leisure? 

as usual we will cam ho in the car~ 

I seldom smile with my mouth open cause it always look weird, but i love this
the most natural smile i ever had in picture ever!

the driver is posing.
look at his mouth.

im just with my popular pose

we just ignore the driver with our hoho session

then we went for a nice movie
the once upon a time gangsta

i love this poster!

below are some scenes of the movie 

yes one of the FAMA acted in it.
he is funny with his half bald head
spot the guy in purple suit in the poster below

the casts of this movie are a bunch of superb comedian
so funny that i laugh darn loud in the cinema

after a great laugh
we went for some nyanyi nyanyi session

then for a dinner before heading back to Kampar
a nice restaurant recommended by Yenteng
located at Greentown of Ipoh.
opposite a big government orangy government building
besides one Guardian.

David's Diner.
serving nice Western food at average prices.

this soup comes with a dinner set.
choices include Mushroom and Chicken.

and they have fresh no sugar fruit juices

the chicken is perfectly grilled with some spices for flavoring
and the potato is baked with the skin this!

this pasta would be over-satisfying for one,
you can share this if you could not eat much.
but it taste good.

deep fried chicken never taste juicier to me
but this is different at David
the meat is tender and soft.

after makan,
we snapsnap again before we call for the bill.

there are four people in this picture
spot the two mouth behind
smile like they hit million dollar jackpot

this is taken by a friendly waitress there,
she praised herself for this picture 
with the light reflection that looks nice.

so, we went back and ended our 520 trip.


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