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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fishy Journey 8

the day when WE finished our final paper of the final exam.

a small celebration to reward OUR hard-work. 

a trip to IPOH, ma kampong.

Us taking pichas in the mini-winilisa

and this is it...the total of pichas we took of US.
ss = simply shiok

then it was the belated Mum's day celebration
a small surprise for Win's Mummy
both with the same t-shirt
enjoying the choco-ice-cream-keeki
cheerful Mummy
just so cute.

then we headed to the Kinta City shopping mall
for movie and K-ok
separate task-doings
Win + Ray = SINGERs gotta head for the mics
Apek + Fish = head for a nice movie

a local production ..Malaysia production
by the Mr. Cow

he loaned almost his all belongings to the bank in order for this movie
it's worth to be watched at the cinema
a simple story that reflected the so-real-yet-close-to-heart scenario
as it is shot at small cities and villages at Malaysia

with powerful casts
and extreme superb acting skills from local and foreign actors-actress

the funny 'BRUCE LEE' from HK
together with Gary Chaw, the one whom involved in the street fight previously
but despite all rumors and news about him
he is still a good actor

this is it
the leading actress..LEE SIN-JIE
from Kedah...and that won Best Actress before..
great acting-skills
an innocent face acting a rough and kampong girl


after the movie

we are wandering around the mall..
so small and boring mall..
with notmuchentertainment
we ended up at the car park..
enjoying the wind at the roof top..

nice sceneries up above

and ME 

 this is Ipoh East's view

the Mall that I often go at Ipoh
weeli limited choice here..

look at ma hair..
can u imagine how windy it is..
try go up to the carpark of the mall around 6 in the evening
sunsets and cozy wind waiting for U

this is ME! 
enjoying sitting anywhere I want
and pose whenever I wish
ss = syok shiok

before headed back to Kampar,
we went to the Food Centre opposite Wooley Centre at Ipoh Garden
TUNG KU TENG (mushroom's cottage for a direct translation lo)
for a yummy dinner

no pichas available for it

dinner ended and we balik lo

* end *


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