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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fishy Journey 7

I went for IPMAN 2 wit them on one lovely afternoon. The movie was extremely good, that I wish to watch for second time.

fall in love wit Donnie

The action was quite good, the storyline was predictable, the acting skills was superb, especially the two veteran, Sammo Hung & Simon Yam. Their expressions, that made me so salute them, and dreams of acting with them. ^^.

And on the other, I was busy identifying the Tommy Sik Siu Lung in the movie, which failed. I was unable to notice his existence in the movie. He changed so much, from the previous cute and adorable boy to one, chubby and huge man.

p/s: I managed to know who is him when I was back to home, where my housemate helped me in you-tubing, googling for him.

Meanwhile on Donnie, his kung-fu was still alright, but I can't help to laugh when I saw him laughing for no or without reason in the movie. This might be due to the characteristics of the real Ip Man were as such, but it is still funny when Donnie Yen did that. Maybe I am used to his strong and cool face in his movies from last last time.

Popcorns can never satisfies me, therefore we headed to the nearest restaurant after half an hour standing outside of Vincci deciding where to eat.

OUTLET's NAME: Takahashi.

guess who's the photographer? was me.

and this was the driver that safely ferried us to Ipoh.

the sweet couple..keke..(rumor creating here)

when the addiction was too much that people seems to update their status all the time,
no matter where they are..

this is when we cam-whore wit virtual photographer..

when those in the mirror smiles at us.


we are different on whole,
but identical on SMILE

remember to

(Print Ad Creation)
just for fun


suang said...

haha...impressed of your ad making is nice,especially the slogan, smiles that hold for a second, memories that long forever.Love all of ur facial expression...
yeah...donnie yen always handsome...

FISH said...

thanks suang!!! hehe~ hope u will watch it at Klang as well!! bcz it is just so good!! i watched another movie yesterday~ it is the Ice kacang puppy love~ so so nice also!! must watch it ah!!

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