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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fishy Journey 6

The day was orangy. It had been raining for few hours, I thought the room would be cooler for me to have my few hours sleep before I move ma ass to ipoh. 

Sigh. I'm having insomnia!!!!!!!!

Well move on to ma plan to ipoh later on, are to watch a movie. Ip Man 2. 
A movie that received quite some comments, bad or good, i will still watch it. Just love such movies. 

Ip Man 2, Donnie Yen wit his popular pose.

Why I said its his popular pose? See below...

Donnie Yen, my first encounter wit him would be during my teenage years. The location....

ma house's tv..My first time watching his movie on tv3, 
Iron malay would be 
Monyet Besi?? 

Funny? Well, thats how the direct translation in ma country. That movie was quite interesting, wit fires, fighting scenes, China's corrupted officials, and traitor stuffs. 

Still, I'm not sleepy, just slight headache.
Must be the coffee? But I thought I'm immune to it......

I knew it! 
It's you!!!!

Boh Green Tea!!!!


the feeling of not sleepy when you need to sleep is extremely terrible annoying.
the feeling of leaving the BED when you are not suppose to is so betraying my own feelings as all my life IT is my best friend, 
that i put IT in my BFF list as well..

I'm sorry.
I've betrayed you.
I'm such a traitor.


suang said...

o...i like donnie yen also...haha...he is known as a good husband and a big money earner...kaka....
of course la,kononnya,bancuh 2 sachets of boh green tea...definitely cannot sleep lo!!!!
Yet think that u might have a sweet good sleep in cinema..nola,donnie yen so handsome i think u would not be willing to fall in sleep,is it?kak

FISH said...

hehe~ he is just one talented guy~in kungfu n piano~ ahhhh

just fall in love wit him more~

yealo~ the boh reli~ proves it really ada ummpphhh~ can make me so awake until now ~

i din sleep in cinema leh~ just so excited ~

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