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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fishy Journey 5

This is located outside ma house.

Name: FafaS
Owner: Suang

it was gardened by Suang, and she took it from one aunty living nearby.
according to Suang, FafaS will blossom beautifully every morning when the sun shines upon.

This, the nature of Earth's mama...
Love every living things like how we love ourself..
Treasure the beautifulness surrounding us everyday

This that i took early morning when i was to go to school one sunny day.
I wonder how each cloud form themselves every day,
with different shape, different color..
i'm sure they are more fashionable than us.

this, after some brightness and contrast tuning..

this, the ori-picha.

another shot..
just can't resist of the pretty cloud that often seduce me.

this is also some brightness and contrast tuning.

this that gives a horror feeling.. simply to create different scenario for one beautiful shot.

" also reflected in reality,
that a beautiful and perfect situation/individual/anything at all
will have their worst side for sure. "

love tis the most


suang said... ur blog...very beautiful neh...and i love the background as well...*both thumbs up *b(^@^)d

FISH said...

hehe~ thanks my dear~ u can do this too~ 2ml i tell u how~

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