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Monday, May 3, 2010

The country

Before proceeding to ma post, feel free to click and read these reports.

And have your own judgment before you take a look on mine.

Boy disputes police version of Aminul shooting from Malaysian Insider

Concern over teenagers hanging out late at night from Malaysia's mainstream

Cooperate in investigations into teen’s death, PM urges cops from Malaysia's mainstream

No cover-up over teen shooting, says Najib from Malaysia's mainstream

Deeply regret for what that had happened to the unlucky boy. What is wrong with those who suppose to protect us? Why are they keep pinpointing with how the people ran the red traffics, how they do not put on safety belts, how come your car had exceeded passengers???

If U exists for looking for mistakes we done, then U had succeeded, who won't do mistakes? Come on, even U will do it right, but to what extent the mistake go?

U misfired? For four shots????? I forgot to put on my safety belt for once, and I need to pay U either through summon or something else, something that enable U to have expensive high tea at hotels.

I understand, U still need to do UR work, UR job, to raise UR family, therefore we just let U to have UR sweet high tea. But do it need to misfired for four shots?????

But the misfired U did, had caused a young boy life. Doesn't he need to raise his family when he grow up? How much love his family had for him? Only for 15 years he had lived, and now he missed all the chances to repay his family, and the chance to regret for the wrongs he had committed.

And some even said he deserved it in another way??? Gosh how could those people said that? Do they have their mind in the correct way? If one day, someone misfire at you and you got responses that you deserved it. How would you feel no matter in heaven or hell you are at?? Come on, no one deserve to die!!!!

And even some blamed it on their parents, for lack of supervision on their kids and letting them wandering around at night. I agreed parents plays some role here, but who can predict what they are doing outside? I am sure parents concerns about their kids more than anyone does in the whole world. If those parents know that this might happen if they let their kids to study with friends or even have some outing at nights, I bet they would never allow them.

I doubt, seriously with the security in this country. I never blame anyone for being unable to protect me if I wander around at night, but I sure will blame if those who suppose to protect me harming me in return.

Rape cases, murdering, slaughtering and burglarize...All these that keep appearing in local newspapers, stating who and who got murdered or died from what and what..

But I rarely find reports saying who and who got arrested for what and what crime.

Can I make a small conclusion here? It is just WTF!! U said it is not easy to do this to do that, hard to capture, insufficient evidences, so and so, but how come it is damn easy to misfired for four shots?????

So U might blame it on...

  • Lack of training, so U might request for more money to train those U ??


  • lack of good quality guns, so U might request for more money to better guns??? 
  • lack of good trainers, that U might request for more money to hire 'professionals' to train those U ???

I deeply sympathize with all of us for being in such country. However, I do hope for justice! I hope some actions could be taken to solve the problem and no covering or scapegoating in this case!

Pray hard people, be careful even you encounter with U in the road, they might not be the person who can help you but harm is present. Take care and be alert.


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