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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fisha Journey 7.5

it was a day after the exam

a relieved that it had ended..
however, still fear of the future encounters with her

sigh..just need to hope for the best and pray that she would not keep in mind the hatred
as the FYP is still under her

and on the same day..we are celebrating someone's birthday as well.

who's the's ARLENE!

a simple dinner with all was busy and tired for final..


A nice place to have affordable western food at Kampar I should said,

even though ME said it is in my banned list before..^^

this is how the story begins....

ME & Kawan went to the kitchen on one super hot afternoon. 
On our way to the kitchen, 
we bought two ais-kacang which is quite nice especially on the hot weather of Mr. Kampar. 
Then we when we arrived there, we just walked in and find a place to get seated. 
We were served with two menus and upon we are deciding on what to eat, the waitress came  to us and..

Waitress: Sorry er miss...the drinks..actually outside food n drinks are not allowed....

ME & Kawan: Oh..we are going to drink it and we are ordering drinks n food as well here. 

Waitress: (smiling and nodding) Oh okok.

ME & Kawan just keep look on the menu and choosing.

Then ME saw the lady boss kept picking on the waitress and her body language gave me signals that she is scolding the pity waitress. Then ME..

ME: Ei, tu boss scolding the waitress lah...

Kawan: (Turning her back and look at them) 
              Excuse me. We are going to finish our ais-kacang and we are ordering your drinks boss. 

Tu Boss: No la.. (smiling) Actually our rules here are not allowing outside food n drinks geh..
               We got paste the notice outisde geh..

Kawan: Then nevermind la..We go outside and finish the ais-kacang 1st lah..
              Not your staff's fault..No need blame her one ok! 

Tu Boss: (smiling all along only)

Kawan & ME stood up and headed out.. Before we are completely out..Kawan said..

Kawan: Go somewhere else eat lahhh... (loud n clear)

This is why ME & Kawan banned the kitchen that time.. 
Because of the so-ikut-rules attitude Tu Boss have and how she treated the staff's attitude.
How can you blame your staff for not being able to do her task? 
The notice she pasted was so "BIG", as of everyone will go and look at the wall before they go in. 
This is no one's fault I should it's her lost that she have this free publicity here from me..
ngek ngek..
If she talk nicely to us regarding that matter, 
I should said we would just respect her and leave the shop with a better mood..but instead blaming the staff and she so afraid making us angry...

however, I'm forgive-full I should said..

as I would not do it for the sake of my beloved stomach and purse

hence, we went back there again..despite the good food and staffs, I still dislike Tu boss.

It is still a good place to have BIG portion's of food with around RM7 to RM 20.
but one weakness with the kitchen is they have very very limited drinks.

Kawan: Can I have Ice lemon tea?? (kawan only drinks non-gas drinks)

Waiter: Erm..sorry finished.

Kawan: HUH???? YES AR?? Then do you have any non-gas drinks?

Waiter: U can try coffee, latte, mocha........

Kawan: HUH???? I don't prefer caffeine's drinks as well. erm...erm....

ME: U drink plain water lah...easy...

Kawan: plain water lah...

Waiter: (smiling humble-ly realizing the limited drinks problem as well) Okay, sorry ar miss.


Obama Burger, change to Fish fillets is better as I found the beef so-so
and the chick-lets also not that nice..

Ole Fish n Fries, change the fries to potato salad..

The Chef Recommendation..
I forgot the name..
but its with a big drum with the chick-thigh part
the outer skin is grilled with special sauce..
nice nice! 

 Side dishes, potato salad! 
so nice you can eat it whole bowl yourself!

Others is so-so and ok-ok la..
those I recommended is my fav actually..^^

but worth trying! 
(more pictures on ma next post on ma Recipe & Food)

and back to the celebration..

this is the cake bought from Justoeat cake shop located at the same row with Ghany the mamak stall.

it's nice but with so-so taste.
other cakes from the shop are nicer..
*ice-cream cakes*

and this is the birthday girl I told..ARLENE!!
her 20 something big day..not going to reveal a girl's age here publicly..^^

Below are the guests invited for her bigday's celebration..

all happy and tired faces during final..
but still we would not miss out any fun and food even during the tough times we faced!


*end lo...*


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