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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


the First time me and my housemates gathered for a BBQ..

we had too much steamboats previously..and this is it..
the first time..

the wings was so nice..preserved by lovely Andrew..
the coal-setting-on-fire ceremony was done by Winnie and me..

and others was helping in preparing the rest..
like balls, potato, sweet potato, prawns and also few kampong fishes
not forgetting the sweet dessert we had..

su goittttt!! so nice..the choco melted in the banena wrapped wit the alum-foil..

the fishes was not so nice..ended up giving it up to kittens/ wowoS at eastlake.

the night was windy and not hot..we sat outside the house, enjoying the night.

with nice food and just a simple gathering.
even that we stayed in the same house, but it is seldom for such a gathering...
as most are busy with their own stuffs.

hope for a second bbq again..
next time we are planning on more prawns and lesser balls..
while Choco-banena remains! 

** end **


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