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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The assault

Read the article before proceed.
Wife battered to death over phone chat?? By who?

Again, please have your views set in your mind before reading mine, as I wish for different comments regarding this case. Plus I do not wish for any agenda-setting from me on whoever reading this too.

Free to think, free to comment, free to criticize!

When one wants to scold another person, will he or she able to construct the sentence well before hurling it out? I bet I can't do it well, the sentence will go weird all the way as I would be aiming at the person who made me angry in a way. But will I be able to hold my fist and punch a person repeatedly when he or she made me angry? I doubt that, as first, even I really were to punch, it might only for once. Repeatedly? hmm...still thinking.

While back to the case, which happened to be a man kept smashing his wife to the floor. What wrong that she did that made him to behave such way? Reasons provided are due to the discovery of his wife chatted with one man over phone at home. A man could be somebody, but does it mean it must be someone the wife having affair with? If not, why He would done that? 

But the man could be her father, her brother, her male relatives, and so many else. Why would He keep smashing before letting her to explain? I do not know what exactly had happen to them as I am not there and the reports do not reveal anything further yet. 

This is outrageous, as the child learnt the situation that his mum was talking on phone with a man and the man became angry which ended up assaulting the wife. I understand a 12 years old boy could not think much, as he is still young and ignorant, but He are 46 years old grown man. Can't you think in a better way before you could do that? 

Gosh, this is frightening. Where to find protection ladies? If you are not protected even if you are at home with your loved ones?

  • Who to blame? 
  • Where to find solution? 
  • Where the problem starts? 
  • How it develops? 
  • Who should take action? 
  • Who are involve? 
If I said the guys are to blame, will you object? For sure you will. Then who should we blame? I guess no one should be blame even though I admit that women are sometimes weak when facing such abuse or assault.

Where to find solution, solution to prevent similar cases from recurring or solution to stop such cases from happening. Either one is still useless to solve the problem as sometimes even the victims themselves are reluctant to report when they faced abusive action from some other person. True? Or you disagree? 

Lets us look onto sexual harassment at working place. How many are willing to report to the authorities regarding the sexual harassment they faced from their superiors? I am not. I faced such before when I was working for one large company in Malaysia up the hill, I do not wish to mention the name but I guess you can name it on your own. That particular manager were so obvious that He wish to get something from me. And I was so angry and scared at the same time, as I am still a junior there plus I had heard lots of stories about him. But what can I do, as those stories were on how the manager got away from all the complaints and reports about him? Does that show that even the management are backing up him? I regret for not reporting that case where I got molested from him, in one indirect way, that he purposely stand so damn close to me when I was serving the customers. But I wonder what will happen if I really reported him? Will I get my name clear or apologies from him? I bet I won't, why? Let me tell you another story.

The same company, my friend went to the UNION to lodge a complain regarding a sexual harassment case from the superior as well. The case went to UNION and we really thought it would be kept as confidential, guess what, in less than a week, people were discussing it so hot. What kind of UNION? The manager until now, still surviving and got promoted!??!! My friend, still living in unserved justice!??!!! 

This is why sometimes we kept things to ourselves, because even the authorities who suppose to help us are not doing their part whilst taking us as joke. 

Back to the case, I bet the wife suffers even before this happened. Such assault normally come from abusive individual, I am not saying it mainly on my point of view. But let us think it logically, will you hit someone when you are angry, and even if you did, will it be only one time? Think and do response. There are lots of abuse cases happens not only once but more than that. 

If it is really how I predict, why the wife do not lodge any report? Because of what? Fear, and love at the same time? Yes I would answer. Women are emotional animals, where we cry so easily and got hurt by even a simple touch. 

So how can she ended her life just like that? I wish for justice, not only on her but others who are facing similar situation from their loved ones. Please stand up for yourself and do not give up fighting. Also the respected authorities whom supposed to play their role, please stop talking and act! If you said you would stand up for women, then do it, and not keep giving your lengthy comments and response to the media when such cases occur. I am sick of all these sentences and grandmother stories of yours. PLEASE start giving us what we deserve! 

I bet all these answers how the problem starts, how it develops to such ending, and who should take action.. The authorities of course! Most of the time victims are not taking action in protecting themselves because of the norms that keep happening, they do not receive any valuable feedback but only plenty of excuses and reasons. Who are involve? All of us!! Ignore the gender here, I am talking about everyone, including the children! How would they grow happily if they saw how their mums dying in front of them because of getting assaulted by their dads??? 

Well I do hope the world would turn to be a better place! 

I hope to see less reports on newspaper or other media reporting who and who died because of who and who assaulted them. 


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