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Monday, April 19, 2010

UTAR Karaokay Competition 2010

(credits to Mr. Kerby for the video)

the dance crew: ZEROX
this is one of the main attraction in the

It is greatly done with wonderful dancers of UTAR.
salute them!

(credits to Mr Kerby as well)

this is one of the contestants of the night,
^^. Cherrie Tan, whom is also my coursemate. ^^
she performed well that night.

too bad the PA system of UTAR that disturbed her in her 1st performance.

luckily the judges were kind enough to let her perform again after all had performed during the 1st round.

(credits to Max for the video)

this is max, the winner of the night.
nice voice he had and managed to captured most hearts that night.
as girls and boys were shouting crazily when he sang.

(credits to Max for the video)

this the duet between Max and Cherrie.
lovely voices when pairing up.
and they sang my fav song as well.

the competition was a great one.
i am looking forward in attending more of such event in my final year.

* fisha full satisfaction *


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