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Sunday, April 11, 2010

FISH - UTAR life (Theories, Roles, and Models of PR)

such, are our dressings during a presentation for Theories, Roles and Models of PR.

we, enjoyed getting dressed up for presentations.
we do not really care what others say, comment, about us.
to us, we just try to enjoy every single process we have during our uni-life.
the fun, excitement, craziness.

and i enjoyed being a weirdo in picture snapping.
so what i look disgusting or ugly.
this is me.

and three of us, with a generous photographer..Rayson
taking pictures of us with the lovely sceneries inside the campus.

those who are not Malaysian or not aware of UTAR Kampar,
i guess they might not know, this is a campus.
i'm proud to be here,
just the weather, sometimes too hot for us.

and this is us.
sweet,crazy PR students as always.
first time snapping pictures with the grass of the campus,
it look nice.
just like typical uni-advertisement.

we love to pose.
and we admit it.

the differences in us, that made us connected in a way to each another.

love the rocks here.
it is just big and somehow arrange in a nice landscape for us to take pictures.

i love it, if the leaves were as such for real here.

our backs tell stories.
what can u see here?
comment by clicking bubbles at the end of this post.
would love to hear it~

adore the photographer.
the way he took this picture.
just so nice that we three love it so much.
bravo rayson.

we are not reading, or reading.
just simply posing with the notes and files.

we love to act cool.
i meant me and lili.
not the one behind us.
she always failed in this.

this is the nicest block at the campus, to me.
we just love to jump.
me and winnie took off our heels, and jump barefoot in front of the library.
with people looking at us, semacam.
we still enjoyed it though~

this, i declared as the Best Jumper of the year.
She is able to jump and pose at the same time.

yeah~this is her again.
with her facial expression, and nice pose.

she is really good at being big.
this pose is not easy to make while up in the air.
as, u need to jump so high,
and then open ur legs wide and spread ur hands.
remember to smile with ur mouth open.
all these in one shot.

while for this, it look easy.but its not.
first, u need to maintain the straightness of ur body,
and then act like u were to jump on a bouncy bed.
with both arms in such pose.

and that's for now. i hope this shall remains with us forever.
the fun, the memories of us hanging out together in our uni-life.
i hope u all enjoyed it as much as i am as well.


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