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Saturday, April 17, 2010

~ the proposal ~

this that happens in Malaysia. Preparation for the proposal was a good one as the result of it is the bride-to-be cried unstoppable due to maximum shock plus happiness.

Then me and the girl next door was on a discussion regarding this through MSN.
And I said,
if i were a boy....

I would just put a ring in those food container like in dim sum restaurant and upon she ordered the food..

I will replace the har kaw, siew mai, whatever it is in it for sure~

the moment she open the lid..


from me of course.. not the waiter/waitress..^^

this is old fashion way according the girl next door's opinion.

if i were a girl (yes, i am)

I just wish it would be something simple and sincere.
Then i am happy.

And surprises that always failed on me.
HE said i am too smart,
never ever act stupid to pretend i do not know about surprises HE prepared.

This is me.
Smart when someone plan to scared me,
when someone's tail on onto something.



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