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Friday, April 16, 2010

~my feelings II ~

Sad that I am going to write this type of post again.
Whenever it is this type, it shows the dillema I am facing at the moment.

I have been motivating myself recently, so active.
That I found and realized many of them whom are close to me,
facing some problems, and tend to be emo most of their time.

I that keep motivating myself,
to be a more cheerful person and,
I tried in motivating others as well.
I believed some are successful one, while there might some are not.
But it is alright, as long as I did my best in this.

Fall on today.
When it was the first time, I failed my assignment.
Together with my groupmates.
I tried to be neutral and care less in it,
but the feelings just seem would not go away.

I admit that I have been lazy on this trimester,
especially in attending lectures.
But failing, is an extent I found it difficult to digest.

Failing in other aspects, I am still fine with it,
but in assignments?
I really doubt my qualification, skills.

Does it really that bad?
Or I have been not concentrating and giving 100% on it?

I doubt it myself.

In another case,

Been believing and practising it.
I HOPE for support,
which more or less,
from those whom belongs to the same boat with me.

But, why?
It is often happening.
Me and some,
kept, keep, keeping fighting for what we want.

I believe it benefits all of us.
And that is the reason Me and some are doing it for.

But support?
Where did U went?
Stop hiding and reveal, please.

I am writing this, not because I am giving up.
But it will help U to learn as well.

I just hope that U will be successful one in future.
Lets make it possible.


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